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1.) Fairy Gardens

Fairy Gardening has a long history in the United States. It has become a tradition between parents, grandparents and their daughters. People meetup to share their gardens across the country.
A fairy garden is a miniature garden combined with housing structures and living plants. Structures can include fairy houses, gardens, birdbaths, and of course fairies! It’s a tiny garden that you can tend to all year round. Share in creativity and create a whole fairy wonderland.

I’ve seen fairy products popping up more frequently in gardening magazines and booths at garden shows. That is why I’ve added it to my top five list. I think this is a fun creative activity that family and friends can enjoy through generations.

Miniature Fairy Garden

Miniature Fairy Garden

2.) Outdoor Living Rooms

Extend your living room. Even though I’ve lived in apartments most of my life, I’ve always enjoyed the extra space of a balcony. After work I’d open a bottle of wine and breath in the fresh air. Now that I own my own home, I’d like to create a living space in my backyard. I love the natural textures of rock and brick against soft linens and flowing fabrics. This summer I would like to add a stone fire pit and some outdoor seating to make things nice and cozy.

Outdoor living rooms can increase the value of your home. At the Home and Garden Show I saw gourmet outdoor kitchens, inlay brick patios, built-in lighting and beautiful landscaping. It gave me some many good ideas I can bring home and do on a smaller scale.

3.) “She Sheds”

This new adaptation to the old backyard shed brought to me by my mother. She was pleasantly surprised when we walked passed it at the show. I had never heard of a “She Shed” before, but it makes perfect sense! Men have their “Man Cave”, so women should have their own space too.

She Sheds are perfect for creating a personal space outside the home. There are multiple ways to use them.

  • Home Office: This would be perfect for women who work from home. It’s a separate quiet space where you can get work done without the normal interruptions.
  • Extended Living Space: Put a nice couch or refurbished antique settee in your shed. If it has electricity, plug in a TV and binge watch Bravo.
  • Gardening: Store gardening utensils and experiment with different plant varieties. You could host a plant swap and invite friends over.
  • Entertaining: Set-up a mini bar. Invite neighbors over. With a bottle of wine in hand, friends are sure to follow.
  • Craft Space: If you love scrap-booking, painting, sketching or just being creative this is the space for you! What better inspiration than being surrounded by nature?
  • Meditation: Another great reason to be outside. Get away from the demands of home and free your mind. Bring a yoga mat, some candles and soft sounds. A She Shed is a great place to find your center.

Whatever your needs are, it’s a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors, get fresh air and regroup. It’s an oasis in your own backyard.

She Shed

She Shed

4.) Gothic Style Greenhouses

What’s a home and garden show without a greenhouse? There are a few different types of greenhouses, but I’m always drown to the Gothic arch style. Greenhouses in general are made of glass walls and slopped ceilings. Greenhouses protect your plants from pests and outside elements which can extend your growing season. They also capture light, store thermal energy and help moderate temperature to produce a controlled environment for plants to grow.

Here are the different types of greenhouses:

  • Conventional / Post and Rafter
  • A-Frame
  • Gothic Arch
  • Hoop House
  • Lean-to / Attached Greenhouse
  • Cold Frame

This year I want to build some raised flower beds and try to grow my own produce. The idea of a greenhouse would be even better! Especially since I live in Northeast Ohio where the weather is always unpredictable. For example it was snowing on Wednesday and almost 70 degrees on Saturday.

With the trend towards more sustainable lifestyles, eating organic and reducing our carbon footprint, greenhouses surly fit the bill. Whether your a hobbyist or horticulture pro these structures will provide a fun pastime.

Gothic Style Greenhouse

Gothic Style Greenhouse

5.) Smart Home Technology

I saved the best for last! If you’re a tech geek you’ll love this one. I walked through a model home that featured video surveillance throughout the entire house. Nicely framed iPad mini’s in the bedroom, kitchen and home office show what’s going on outside the front door. There’s a growing number of smart home devices that can do things from control your lighting, thermostat, or even see who’s at your front door from across the country.

Here are a few products you should check out…

  • Amazon Echo Not only a Bluetooth speaker. This device can answer questions, read audiobooks and the news, reports traffic and weather, and gives information on local businesses using the Alexa Voice Service. It can also control lights, switches and thermostats with compatible smart home devices.
  • Nest Cam This little cam packs a big punch! It had 24/7 live video with 130 degree wide-angle view and 1080p HD. This camera can alert and send a photo to your smartphone or email when it detects any activity. It has a built-in speaker and microphone that lets you talk and listen through their app.
  • Google Home: Your personal Google. Powered by Google Assistant, ask it to stream music through Spotify, YouTube, or any other 100+ Chromecast-enabled audio apps. Google Home is compatible with many of your familiar products and services like nest, Philips, and Pandora.
  • Kwikset SmartCode 916 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt This deadbolt  provides secure keyless entry, one touch locking, 30 user codes, and patented side locking bar technology for improved security technology.
Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed my top five favorite trends from the 2017 Great Big Home + Garden Show. Share your comments below. What are some trends you’re seeing this year? I’d love to heard from you.